Where to start?

Mar 28 2010 09:46 | 8 Comments

Where to start? 01

Well, where to start? As I'm sure a lot of you have noticed, I somehow managed to die sometime around the middle of last October. Reason? Simply that I had next to no time. Between university, working freelance, the animal rescue, and a personal life, not really too much time left. Then to try to catch up on all the posting, I asked my dear Santa to help me out by posting once in a while too, small problem with that however, she is kind of a part of all parts of my life, the school, the work, the rescue, and well, obviously the personal.

Also, completely off topic, but fun fact for you. Each and every single one of you has a photo studio for small animals in your home, its called the bathtub. As long as you have good lighting in your bathroom, you can take some pretty decent looking shots.

Where to start? 02

By now I missed probably a good 100 posts if not more. Or rather let me rephrase that, I failed to click publish on a 100some posts. The content is all there for all those days, just not exactly quite 'web ready'. Over the next little while, hopefully under a month, I'll get around to putting all of those posts up while of course trying to get back to posting every single day as I had before. Honestly do quite miss doing all of this, really did have a great time posting photos, meeting new people, interacting with other bloggers and so on... Hoping to go back to doing it on a regular basis again.

Where to start? 03

Oh, by the way, for last week or so, been making tasty omelets. I'm sure such things have been made before, but it was a first for me and randomly came up with it even without any recipe. Take a couple of eggs, break them in a bowl, add as much milk as there is white from the eggs, throw in a couple tablespoons of sugar (though I'm sure any sweetener would work fine), and mix all of that.

Mix it preferably in something that can spin very very fast, i.e. a blender, so everything gets very evenly mixed and all the milk gets fluffed up to hell, then while the mixture is still fluffy, pour it on an already hot frying pan. While its being made, stand there and mix it constantly with chopsticks or the like - basically anything that is gonna break it up into little clumps and won't let it stick together too much. When it gets a bit more dry, its ready to eat.

If anyone tries this, do let me know how it turns out, am curious...

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