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Warm sack of organs

Nov 12 2009 13:14 | 0 Comments

Warm sack of organs

As much as I love all breeds of cats, my favorite breed has always been the 'Sphynx'. Not even sure what is it particularly about this breed, but they are just so damn awesome all around. Not only are they alot warmer to the touch then most other cats, but they are a lot more cuddly since they try to rub against anything warm to keep themselves from freezing. If between Santa and I we didn't already have 3 cats, I would just so damn love to get a Sphynx (or maybe even a couple of them).

Oh and by the way, the Sphynx on my back in the photo above belongs to one of the vets at a local animal clinic and is always just roaming throughout the office. What about you guys? Any of you here cat lovers? And if so, how many feline friends do you have and what breeds are they?

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