November 4th Dinner

Nov 04 2009 13:42 | 0 Comments

November 4th Dinner

It really is true what they say, the way to a person's heart is though their mouth. Here's a few fun facts for you guys... Fact number one, I do quite love cooking. Then again chances are many of you already knew that one. Now, fact number two, if you want to impress your partner's parents, make them dinner, the mother figure especially will be most impressed and will instantly love you and approve of you completely.

Above, scrambled eggs, baked meat, toasted bread, some ketchup-ish stuff in the middle, altogether took maybe half an hour to prepare. Oh and how about I add just one more fun fact... Fun fact number three, presentation is everything. That is to say you can make the most delicious thing in the world, but if you just throw it on a plate and it looks like a pile of crap then it won't be appetizing at all, but on the other hand if it looks good, then even if its not perfect in terms of taste, it'll still be appreciated tons more.

What about you guys and girls? Any of you like cooking and/or have ever cooked for your significant other's parents? What were the results in your case?

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